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    Empire House Cleaning Services is the cleaning company that provides professional dedication when it comes to outstanding house cleaning services in Skokie and surrounding areas. Our house cleaning services are top-quality but they are also very affordable. We are very proud of our excellent reputation and we maintain that through the highest quality house cleaning services in Skokie.

    Every professional on our cleaning services team is quite experienced and has gone through detailed training to make sure we give you the house cleaning in Skokie you expect. When our experts clean for you, Empire House Cleaning Services guarantees a shining clean that you will be happy with.

    Call us to schedule your home cleaning services in Skokie or surrounding areas, and we will provide you with a free estimate that outlines our regular cleaning services, including weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly availability. We also offer the most thorough one-time deep home cleaning, move in cleaning or move out cleaning services Skokie has ever seen.

    House Cleaning Services, Move Out Cleaning Services, Move in Cleaning Services & Deep Cleaning Services


    House Cleaning Services
    Skokie, IL

    Empire House Cleaning Services offers exceptional home cleaning services in Skokie and surrounding areas, and we make it affordable, flexible to meet your schedule and customizable. We know how to provide deep home cleaning services that you can count on for a completely healthy home environment. You will be excited about our professional house cleaning services in Skokie.

    One Time Deep Cleaning
    Skokie, IL

    Get your home completely clean from top to bottom with a one-time thorough cleaning service by Empire House Cleaning Services. This is an extensive house cleaning service in Skokie to get your home in line with the standard of clean so you can feel comfortable in your own space.

    Weekly House Cleaning Services
    Skokie, IL

    Let our team maintain your home with regular house cleaning services in Skokie. Empire House Cleaning Services provides weekly scheduled home cleaning, so just one call can set up your cleaning routine on any day and at any time you need us. We are ready to be there for you each week.

    Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services
    Skokie, IL

    Empire House Cleaning Services makes sure you get the regular house cleaning services in Skokie that you can count on. Call to have us clean your home every two weeks to fit your schedule. There is no hassle or worry, as we will be there when you need us every other week.

    Monthly House Cleaning Services
    Skokie, IL

    For an occasional house cleaning in Skokie, Empire House Cleaning Services is the right choice. You can contact us each month when you feel the time is right or we’ll schedule you on the specific day of your choosing every month. It’s just that easy and convenient.

    Move-in/Move Out Cleaning Services
    Skokie, IL

    Our team can get your next home ready for you and your family with thorough move in cleaning services in Skokie. Or we can provide great move out cleaning services to leave your existing home in solid condition for the next resident to satisfy your move-out agreement.


    Having a full-time job means having less to no time to clean your home. When left untouched for a long time, your space may be harder to tidy up than usual. For moments like this, you need professional home cleaning services in Skokie like what Empire House Cleaning Services offers. With thorough cleaning services, you can be sure to save plenty of time while getting your money’s worth. We make our clients in Skokie happy one household at a time. We have a thorough house cleaning system that would leave every corner of your home spic and span. Best of all, we work efficiently while giving you the best house cleaning services you can find in the industry. We also have the cleaning supplies covered, so there’s no need for you to purchase anything. We supply everything and provide efficient and precise home cleaning services for your satisfaction, making us the leading cleaning company in Skokie.

    High Quality House Cleaning Services Skokie, IL – Our Philosophy

    We at Empire House Cleaning Services offer high quality and efficient cleaning services in Skokie and neighboring areas, making us the cleaning company of choice by many. We do house cleaning services in Skokie making sure your house will be perfectly clean, and we do our job without compromising the quality of our cleaning methods.

    For your convenience, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning appointments depending on your availability. You can also schedule in advance to have everything set and ready for you. Now you can attend to your personal tasks while you leave the house cleaning to us.

    Move-in Cleaning Services & Move Out Cleaning Services & House Cleaning Services


    Jennifer White, Skokie, IL

    There’s nothing I enjoy more than a clean home at the end of a busy week. Empire House Cleaning Services gives me just that. They do a great job with house cleaning every time, so I can spend my spare time resting and doing other things I enjoy. I especially like that they can offer cleaning services in Skokie weekly, so I have one less thing to worry about.

    Judith Robertson, Skokie, IL

    We needed a move out cleaning service for when we left our apartment in Skokie. I’m glad we found Empire House Cleaning Services. This cleaning company in Skokie was recommended by a friend, and they did a good job with the place. It looked better than the first day we moved in.

    Wallace Bryant, Skokie, IL

    Empire House Cleaning Services is amazing! I got their bi-weekly home cleaning services since they are efficient and budget-friendly. I can say I made a good choice. They do a great job every time. I would recommend their cleaning services to anyone living in Skokie or its surrounding areas.

    Misty Jacobs, Skokie, IL

    House cleaning is no easy feat for a single mom like me. I have two boys so it’s double the work for me. But Empire House Cleaning Services in Skokie makes it easy for me each time. They are punctual and friendly, and they follow my cleaning instructions well. The best home cleaning services in Skokie that I’ve had!

    What To Ask When Hiring A House Cleaning Service Skokie, IL

    Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

    While cleaning companies in Skokie bring their own equipment and cleaning products, some cleaning services will expect to use your cleaning supplies like sponges and cloths.

    How will the cleaners enter my home?

    It is best to talk to the house cleaning company in Skokie on the options for gaining access to your home. You can leave a key under the mat, provide them access via a keypad, or another option is to stay home during your scheduled cleaning services.

    What should I do with my pet?

    When cleaning the house with pets, some house cleaning services in Skokie charge an additional price. If you are unable to be at home during the cleaning service, it is best to introduce your pets to the cleaners.

    What services are included?

    It is best to ask the cleaning company in Skokie to ask what services are included in every list. Make sure to communicate the areas that you want the cleaners to prioritize.

    Things To Do Before House Cleaning Services Skokie, IL Arrive

    Pick up anything on the floor that isn’t trash
    Even though you have house cleaning services in Skokie coming to tidy up your home, it is important to pick up items on the floor that you don’t want accidentally thrown away during cleaning. 

    Pick up any documents displaying private or confidential information
    Filing, hiding or shelving papers like bills, work documents, anything with banking information, and documents with private numbers, is a great way to keep important items from being tossed as trash by the house cleaning team. 

    Put your pets somewhere safe
    If your pets are going to be an impediment to the cleaning company in Skokie doing their job, putting them in a room not to be cleaned is a good way to maximize the cleaning company’s efficiency. 

    Let them know of special attention areas
    If you have a room that is off limits, if there is a special door code, or if there is some other instruction they might need, be sure to let them know. This also applies if the house cleaning crew should pay extra attention to a particular space.

    Have a plan for them to get in
    If the house cleaning services can’t get into your Skokie residence, they cannot do their job. Keep an open line of communication so they can always get ahold of you when a house cleaning company in Skokie needs to get into your home.