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    Empire House Cleaning Services is the premier cleaning company that provides dedicated professional house cleaning services to Northbrook and nearby areas. Our house cleaning services are top-quality by highly trained and experienced individuals. But at the same time, we make them very affordable to all. Our team takes great pride in our outstanding reputation and we maintain that through the quality of our work every single day.

    Every person on our team has extensive experience and has gone through our rigorous training program to bring you the house cleaning you expect through a thorough and efficient cleaning process. When our experts clean for you, Empire House Cleaning Services in Northbrook guarantees a sparkling shine that we know you will be happy about.

    Call Empire House Cleaning Services Northbrook to discuss the home cleaning you need. You will receive a free estimate for regular cleaning, which includes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly routine cleaning services. As well, we offer one-time deep house cleaning, move in cleaning or move out cleaning services in Northbrook and the rest of the region.

    House Cleaning Services & Deep Cleaning Services & Move in Cleaning Services & Move Out Cleaning Services


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    House Cleaning Services
    Northbrook, IL

    Empire House Cleaning Services aims to make homes clean and tidy with efficient, affordable, and customizable home cleaning services in Northbrook and surrounding areas. You can personalize the cleaning system to suit your preference and book for future appointments for your convenience. For more intense cleaning, we provide deep cleaning services in Northbrook upon request.

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    One Time Deep Cleaning Services
    Northbrook, IL

    If you’re looking for one-time deep cleaning services in Northbrook, Empire House Cleaning Services has got you covered. We provide in-depth and precise house cleaning services in Northbrook to get your home cleaned to your personal standards to give your space a more loving and satisfying aura for you and your guests.

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    Weekly House Cleaning Services
    Northbrook, IL

    Keep your house spic and span with our weekly house cleaning services in Northbrook. This allows you to book weekly appointments in advance, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Our cleaning company in Northbrook is one call away from cleaning and sprucing up your entire place for a more welcoming atmosphere.

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    Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services
    Northbrook, IL

    If you prefer a more regular cleaning schedule, you can opt for our bi-weekly cleaning services in Northbrook. Get in touch with Empire House Cleaning Services to have your house cleaned every other week according to your availability. We can set appointments for you regularly for your convenience.

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    Monthly House Cleaning Services
    Northbrook, IL

    For occasional house cleaning in Northbrook, Empire House Cleaning Services offers monthly cleaning services. We can also do a deep cleaning to ensure every inch of your house is cleaned to your satisfaction. You can have us come over anytime according to your availability or book our service for a specific day every month.

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    Move in/Move Out Cleaning Services
    Northbrook, IL

    Leave it to us to clean up your new home before you move in, introducing our move in cleaning services. You can make sure you’ll be welcomed by a clean, fresh, and cozy home. We also provide move out cleaning services to make your space look brand new for the next occupant.


    Cleaning your house regularly is not an easy feat especially when you have a full-time job. This is where Empire House Cleaning Services in Northbrook can help you. We provide thorough home cleaning services so you can enjoy the weekend stress-free while you leave all the cleaning to us. 

    Cleaning is more than just dusting off the floor and wiping your windows. We at Empire House Cleaning Services in Northbrook know exactly what you need without you even telling us. We pack the best supplies to keep our house cleaning services top-notch as the leading cleaning company in the Northbrook area. This means you no longer have to pick up cleaning supplies and make a detailed cleaning itinerary. At Empire House Cleaning Services in Northbrook, we can make your home spick and span regularly. We also provide move-out cleaning services, as well as move-in cleaning services for residential areas in Northbrook.

    Philosophy Of Our Cleaning Company In Northbrook, IL

    We keep it simple and professional at Empire House Cleaning Services with our top-of-the-line and straightforward cleaning services to the Northbrook community and surrounding areas. We take care of all your cleaning needs from house cleaning to move in cleaning services or move out cleaning services so you can be productive in other aspects of your life.

    We provide our cleaning services to residential spaces so homes in Northbrook can experience our premium cleaning methods. Whether you want your space cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis, you can contact us anytime. We also offer weekly and bi-weekly appointments depending on your preference.


    Does your cleaning company in Northbrook bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

    Our house cleaning services in Northbrook provides full-service cleaning. That’s why we bring our own equipment and cleaning products. But some of our cleaning services will require the use of your cleaning supplies such as sponges and cloths.

    How will the cleaners gain access to my home if I am not there?

    During your consultation with Empire House Cleaning Services in Northbrook, we will discuss the best way to gain access to your home. There are several options available, like leaving the key under the mat, providing the cleaners access via a keypad, staying home for the scheduled cleaning, or some other solution you feel comfortable with.

    What should I do with my pet?

    Some home cleaning services in Northbrook may charge more for cleaning a home with pets. If you cannot be home during the initial cleaning services, it is recommended that you introduce your pets to the cleaners.

    What services are included with my house cleaning?

    To understand the cleaning services provided by Empire House Cleaning Services in Northbrook, simply consult with the cleaners who arrive to ensure you are getting the cleaning you expect. You can communicate with them during every visit regarding the areas you want to be prioritized so that they are taken care of to your standards.

    Tips What To Do Before House Cleaning Services Northbrook, IL Arrive

    Pick household items up
    The cleaning company in Northbrook you choose will not know what is to be kept, and what is to be tossed, so anything you want to make sure doesn’t get tossed should be off the surfaces to be cleaned.

    Pick up all documents of a sensitive nature
    If the information is private or confidential, don’t leave it lying around. If on a surface to be cleaned by house cleaning services, it might get thrown away. To prevent this, file or store all sensitive documents.

    Introduce the pets
    Pets are wonderful, despite the mess they make, If you are having house cleaning services in Northbrook come to tidy up your home, make sure your pets are familiar with the cleaners before they begin working. This keeps everyone safe. 

    Special areas need their attention
    Let the cleaning company in Northbrook know if you have special areas in your home that either need extra attention, or should be specifically avoided. Always communicate to stave off unfortunate situations.

    Design an entry plan
    Letting your house cleaning company in Northbrook know the best way to get into your area to be cleaned is the first step in them being able to do their job. If they need codes or keys, make sure you trust them first. If not, be on site to let them in.